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 Boomer is in the place!

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Boomer is in the place! Empty
PostSubject: Boomer is in the place!   Boomer is in the place! EmptyThu Jun 23, 2011 2:59 pm


Your name ;

Your age ; Virginie

Where do you live ; Quebec ♥️

Your hobbies ; Of course, Horses, but I really love art too! Smile

English level ; I understand very easily english but I have difficulty to express myself, speak, and write.

Username (PUF) ; call me Boomer Smile

How did you hear about JLT ? ; I don't remember, I think it's by checking some partners from an other website

Will you be active on the RP section ? ; Yes, 'cause it's summer vacations, non more school, bwahaha And ‘cause I want to improve my English writing
More about me ...

Sooo, what can I tell you about me?
Like everybody here, I love horses! I don’t have mine but I do horseback riding every weekend. I am an english rider, certificated level 3 and I’ll pass this summer my level 4 and 5. I mostly do dressage but I love to jump too!
I love to draw, I’m better with a pencil that with some paint! I draw, of course, horses, but a lot of other things. I love to draw on computer too! And by the way, I love to do photomanipulations, and signature like mine Smile
I’ll stop here ‘cause my life is not really interesting so, yeah, that’s all! I hope that people understand what I rode on here! X)

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Boomer is in the place!
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