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 Zertya is in the place x)

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Zertya is in the place x) Empty
PostSubject: Zertya is in the place x)   Zertya is in the place x) EmptyTue Nov 29, 2011 5:50 pm


Your name ; My name is... Zertya Razz I don't really want to say my true name.

Your age ; I'm 20

Where do you live ; I live in a small country without any government

Your hobbies ; Hm I like role playing (you guess I suppose), reading although I haven't a lot of time to do that, playing guitar, watching tv but it's not really an hobby, fighting for joking with my little brother, playing ps3 or any other game statio, watching 'on ne demande qu'à en rire' and podcasts, etc.

English level ; Hm I don't really know. I'm in first year in college in translation-interpretation. This year we will see all "basic language" and the 2nd year we'll study more familiar, argotic, AAE, etc and also formal English...

Username (PUF) ; Zertya Razz

How did you hear about JLT ? ; I searsh "english forum rpg" in google then I've seen your pub in little lullaby

Will you be active on the RP section ? ; Yeah I think x) but exams aren't far from us so perhaps not so much that I would.
More about me ...

What can I say about myself ? I speak a lot and all the time so I must choose. So I'm belgian, I love my un-government country Razz I don't like political men and women (normal non ? They are joking about our stupids naives illusions. Hm seriously we don't care about this and today world 'cause all that is too boring (and obviously dramatic and awfull) for talking about that here.

Hm, funnier subject. I love music with preference for rock like Muse, The Offspring, Nirvana, Queen, The Rasmus, etc etc I love also playing music. I've always been dreaming to play violin but it's costing a lot so damned I've only my tree guitars. I'm happy to have them (yeah I personnalize my music instruments...) but violin would be so..wonderful. Later I'll play this instrument it's a self promise.

Oh...I want to play, I want to discuss...so I'll be an evil and let you be curious and so ...I stop there for my presentation nah Razz

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Zertya is in the place x)
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