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 Little fear

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Little fear

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PostSubject: Little fear   Little fear EmptyThu Oct 11, 2012 8:17 pm

Little fear

Your name ; Sorry but I prefer not reveal it.

Your age ; I am twenty years old

Where do you live ; I live in France, in Bordeaux but I will go to Dublin in Ireland tomorrow for two week.

Your hobbies ; I play RPG and video games.

English level ; I have a good vocabulary but I do a lot of mistakes.

Username (PUF) ; Little fear

How did you hear about JLT ? ; I was looking for a traducement of ''the extraordinary adventures of baron munchausen'' (an RPG book) and I find this forum ^^.

Will you be active on the RP section ? ; Yes of course, I think it is a good way to increase my ability to communicate with written language.
More about me ...

So I am 20, and I have to learn English to find a work in a hostel in France. I speak Spanish almost as well as French.
I don't know what I can tell more. Any questions ?
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Little fear
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