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 Dear Mary.

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Mary Sands

Mary Sands

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▌Join date : 2011-12-18
▌Location : France
Hobbies : Drawing, mainly and being nerdy is almost a hobby of mine

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Dear Mary. Empty
PostSubject: Dear Mary.   Dear Mary. EmptySun Dec 18, 2011 3:51 pm


Your name ; Just call me Mary Smile I love this name
Your age ; 19 y-o

Where do you live ; France
Your hobbies ; Reading, Writing, Drawing ... laughing?

English level ; C1, I got a pass at CAE Cambridge Exams

Username (PUF) ; Mary Sands

How did you hear about JLT ? ; I just typed "Forum RPG anglais" in the Google research bar and here I am!

Will you be active on the RP section ? ; Depends on my mood and patience so maybe Smile I got to correct this now, I will be active from now on, coming at least once a week !
More about me ...

I'm 18 years old, and not really inspired right now... Hum... Though the casual and random presentation we have been doing since college is starting to get boring, I guess i do not really have the choice. Sorry. o/ So, I am probably at B2 level in English - i am passing the First Certificate this year. I am studying science in High School and passing me baccalaureat this year. What else? I hope we will be good friend Smile

EDIT: Sorry, I DID subscribe a year ago and had no new messages, truth to be told I completely forgot about this forum and only just found my e-mail subscription tonight in my e-mail account so I came. I am so sorry I completely forgot and still want to try and write in English, it seems fun so sorry for this year's absence! I promise I WILL catch up in the next coming year!

Thus now, I just graduated and am no longer in high school, I will be entering my first year licence in architecture in a few weeks but i'll just find some time to come here promise Dear Mary. 251834

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Dear Mary.
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