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 Sephora (Female)

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PostSubject: Sephora (Female)   Sephora (Female) EmptyTue Apr 19, 2011 2:05 am


Your name ; Sephora

Nickname(s) ; Sey, Sephy, Seph', Hora.

Your age ; 4 years old.

Gender ; Female, mare.

Your clan ; Light

Username ; Emily
Once upon a time ...

Life story ; Not much of a story to tell about Sephora. She's so young. Briefly, she was born in the perfect forest, with the perfect mom and the perfect dad. Or, that's what she was told. She never saw her father, he left, never came back. That's one of the reasons why she needs so desperately to get attention from every male that is in the room, she is afraid that what happened to her mother would happen to her. Sephora missed a male figure in her life, which made her as she is; no balance in her personality. She is all woman, too much woman. Pretty, arrogant, sweet, princess, a huge princess with huge egocentrism and huge ambition. She was never loved as she deserved; she was never satisfied.

Personality ; Sephora is what we call an angel. That's if we look at her really briefly. When we get to know her, she appears as a kind of weird mare. She is not evil at all, that's for sure, but she still has her own ways of acting. Sey' is a mare that is hard to understand, she always wants everything, but do not always get it. She has a big heart but does not throw herself to the first horse she gets to meet. She is a very classy mare with extraordinary charisma, she only has to show her smooth and bouncy trot with a light eye contact to get all the attention she seeks. Yeah, got it, Sephora needs the attention, of everyone, she adores to be in the spotlight. If a stallion does not notice her, she gets all mad and you don't want to be that male. With females, she acts like a total bitch, with some sweet expressions, like she's all you want to be, but you can't hate her, because she's the nicest and sweetest thing in the world. Sephora is always in the place.

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Sephora (Female)
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