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 Prussian Blue

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PostSubject: Prussian Blue   Prussian Blue EmptyThu Apr 14, 2011 4:42 pm

Note : I had to say that... I can't help but post my presentation Prussian Blue 564373 Well I know I should wait but please don't pay attention to that. ><
I took the liberty of including Walking Dead in my story. Green'z, if it bothers you in any way please let me know and I'll do what is necessary.


Your name ; Prussian Blue

Nickname(s) ; Prussia, Blue...

Your age ; 12 y.o.

Gender ; Stallion

Your clan ; Light

Username ; Persona
Once upon a time ...

Life story ;

« My name is Prussian Blue. I was born a long time ago. I never knew who was my father ; when I asked mum, she always responded : « He's gone. » with no more explanation. No one in the herd seemed to know more about that matter, so I stopped asking stupid questions and just grew up as every colt do. I was 2 years old when mum died. We were crossing a violent river ; she fell down and got drowned. No one attempted to save her ; the stream devoured her, dragging her to its dark dephts. We had never found the corpse, and that was a relief for us. For ages my worst – and only - fear was to come upon that corpse, swollen, rotten... dead. Fortunately, it would never happen. But I would early have another reason for being afraid, a f*cking other reason. Coming upon my mother's corpse was nothing, compared to... that.

After my mother's death, so, I left the herd for making mine. I was too young at that time to worry about the numerous dangers which could be on the lookout for me. I was too silly, also, to figure out that I would never win against the other stallions, because I was only two years old, not that strong one the one hand, and not very brave on the other hand. Courage would come later, when I would have honor and family to defend. But... What stupid I was.

The first who defeated me didn't want to hurt me, he was such a kind stallion. He first refused to fight me, but as I insisted, he eventually accepted. But sooner I would realize that he was very stronger than me. The stallion was not violent that much, in fact, he didn't even try to hit me ; but I couldn't hurt him or just touch him, whereas, me, I tried with all my stength. He was too speed. But I didn't want to admit that, so I tried, again and again, to beat him. The fight lasted hours. I was exhausted. I couldn't move anymore. I fell on the ground, forced to admit that I was defeated. The stallion smiled. At that time I was so young, so arrogant that this smile hurt my pride. But now I realize that horse was the more virtuous I've ever known, because he didn't hurt me, he didn't beat me, he just made me realized that I would never win, not before I would be able to admit my defeat. He played with me and delivered me a great lesson of wisdom, but, once again, I was too arrogant to understand it.

It was supposed to teach me a lesson, yes. But it didn't. The second stallion I challenged was not as nice as the first. That time I was so much hurt that my flanks were covered by blood. I suffered alone a couple of week, hiding each time I heard another horse, or, worst, a herd. But it was not only the wounds which made me suffer that much ; it was the shame. That was why I hid, instead of begging some help. However, the shame was a harsh, but very good teacher. The scars would perhaps disapear, but I would never be the same.

That was how I became an adult. By chance, I came again upon the same stallion who defeated me first, months ago. I heard his name was Frost Warden. The herd was not that big, but everyone seemed friendly. Then I would spend some years in this little haven of peace. That was the best part of my life, for sure, with no worries, no fear. Frost Warden was a formidable horse. I think he's dead now, because he was not that young at that time, and, you know, no one lives eternally.

I was already 9 years old when I suddenly left the herd. All that years had changed my vision of the word, and I was perfectly aware. Frost Warden taught me lots of things about the world, the other horses, myself. More things that I'll never learn about ; he was like the father I never had. I didn't want to tell him goodbye, so I left without inform him. I told no one about that. I just went on my own way. I thought Frost Warden would easily understand. A stallion isn't born to follow an other, but to constitute his own herd. That was what I did.

That time I easily defeated some stallions. I was stronger, faster, more intelligent. And, overall, I was braver, and full of wisdom. Some time later, I had mares in my herd. They became the most important thing of my life. It was my duty to protect them, and I was proud to do it. I fell in love with one ; Lifebloom. Lifebloom was the most amazing and the most beautiful mare I've ever seen. Our love was unbreakable – or, at least, I thought it was. I... I can't talk much about her, even now. The pain remains. But, just listen...

As I said, my herd was growing. We lived, together, three formidable years of peace and happiness. But, one day, a really unexpected thing would change us, for ever. The fear would spread its dreadful grasp over us ; and nothing would never be the same.

It could have been a good day, though. My herd and I were peacefully grazing in a green, large meadow. But, suddenly, behind of us, something neighed, shrill, but it had a rasping voice. We turned back and saw a shape, limping, which was coming out of the shadows of trees. And when the sun gave him some light, I felt faint. It was a horse. Its, sorry, his flanks were streaked with blood. His skin was falling to bits, flesh bits, on his shoulders, his croup, his neck, and even his head. Where the flesh was absent, blood seeped, and moving flies blackened it. The horse – or what it remained of – looked up at me, with difficulty. I saw his glassy eyes ; the life was gone, and only remained the fear, an unbearable and nauseating terror. Then the eyes turned blank, and the horse fell on the ground, dead.

My herd was terrified, and so was I. I couldn't get the horse's eyes off my mind. What was the thing which had done that ? What was the thing which had killed him ? Was it a predator ? That day we walked for years, trying to put some distance with … that. We didn't want to know what it was. We just wanted to keep us alive, so we left this place.

I was stupid to think that it will be ok, then. Because, two days later, we realized one of us was missing. A mare, Holy Light. Immediately we were all panic-stricken ; but we went in search for her. Maybe she just got lost, maybe she just forgot to follow the herd, or anything... But the vision of the wounded horse still pursued me. And what had to happen... had indeed happened.

We found the corpse of Holy Light, beaten to death, as I dreaded. It was like a stab, it let me thunderstruck. I didn't protect her. I couldn't. I glanced at the other horses. The herd was wild with fear. Some horses said to me they didn't want to die, so they wanted to leave the herd immediately, before another awful thing happen. I let them do want they wanted. After all, I was unable to protect them. Once again, I failed in life.

So, that was how I lost most part of my herd. Some mares remained however, and, among them, Lifebloom. She was pregnant, and that was my only joy, in all that misery. She smiled at me, and I put my muzzle on her warm flanks. Yes, nothing would never separate us. We had to go, to go and leave that cursed place, that dangerous place, that deadly place. Then everything would be better.

I continued being stupid and naïve.

That stupidity cost two lives more. Two mares who disappeared and that we found dead. Each time, the wounds were the same : so the murder was the same, too. It seemed that the misfortune followed us, it seemed that it had fun seeing us suffering. The ones who remained in the herd left definatelly, too much scared to stay with me : some said I was cursed, and perhaps they were right.

Only Lifebloom still trusted in me. I said to her that we would go far, far away, find a new herd, and spend peaceful days with it, and with our future baby. She smiled slightly. Oh my god, what wonderful she was. I loved her so much.

But my worst nightmare was not about to come to its end. The worst part would even begin.
… Sorry. I can't tell it. I can't. It's too difficult. Too painful.

Well, I've been ruled over by fear all this years. It must change, now. I'll try to tell you what happened. I must do it, I must beat this f*cking fear.

One day we were walking for another herd, something in the shades moved. Immediatly I was on the alert. But I couldn't do anything, I was hurt on the neck, and I fell on the ground, stunned.

Since the mares were killed, a month ago, I knew that thing, or that animal, or that monster, would take from me everything I had but the life. Yes, I knew it wouldn't take my life, because its aim, its only aim was to see me suffering and becoming mad of sorrow, of pain, of terror. When I woke up, it was too late. A little further, there was Lifebloom, lying alongside the floor. I screamed her name. She didn't aswer. I attempted to held up, but I failed ; one of my knees was broken. Suddenly, I froze.

A silhouette was standing up next to Lifebloom. I figured out it was a horse. His coat was painted with blood, but he didn't seem to be wounded.

Then I understood.

I definitely lost self-control. I attempted once again to held up, and once again I failed. Again and again I tried. He killed this poor horse ! He killed the mares ! He killed Holy Light ! HE KILLED LIFEBLOOM ! Rage blinded me. And I couldn't do anything, I couldn't move, I couldn't avenge my dear Lifebloom and all the others ! The horse was laughing, with a mad, a hysterical laugh. And then, he just turned back and left the place.

I can't tell you what happened next. I was not myself. There was nothing to be done : Lifebloom was dead, the baby was dead with her. I would have been dead too if nobody had came, I would have stayed here, because I couldn't move. But I didn't want to die, not before I kill that horse, that mad horse, that disgusting horse, that criminal, that monster. I had to live to avenge my friends and my family. By chance, two days later, I heard someone and called him.

Then that's the story you already know. »

« - Yes, you heard that horse was from the Light clan, and join us, because we have a common enemy. Indeed, he said to you that this horse who'd murdered your herd and Lifebloom was called... »

«  - Walking Dead. »

«  -... yes. But now, why do you want to kill him ? No one succeeded before ! He is a true psychopath, he'll kill you ! »

«  - He won't. I have to avenge Lifebloom from him. And at all costs, I'll do it. »

«  - You're such a righteous horse, Prussian Blue. But please, be reasonable ! Let me advise you. Walking Dead is 8years younger than you, and, what's more, he's so strong that nobody can beat him, except, perhaps, our chief. He's really dangerous. So what ? You'll run to your death ? »

«  - If it's necessary, I will. »

«  - Please, give up. »

«  - Never ! »

«  - Prussian Blue, please, give up. Why do you do that ? Why is it necessary ? It won't bring you back Lifebloom !»

«  - Yes, you're right. It won't bring me back my dear Lifebloom. Nothing will never bring me back Lifebloom. But if I do nothing, Walking Dead will continue to kill, again and again, making people suffering, and other horses will live the same I've lived ! I had to not let it happen again. »

«  - Your intentions are noble, I admit, but it doesn't change anything. Walking Dead is... »

«  - I've been ruled over by fear for too many years. Now, times have changed, and criminals must pay for what they've done. »

Personality ;
When he was young, Prussian Blue was an arrogant and lively stallion. But, with time, he has changed his mind. Life has taught him that nobody is either good, or bad, but some ones are more bad than the other... And these ones must pay. Yea, Prussian Blue is a very vindictive horse ; he's sure that justice must be done, and he thinks he shall deal with this matter personally. This is why you can think that he's pityless, but it's wrong. He has a heart, a righteous heart, but he's afraid about hurt it once again, so he wants to look quite insensitive. He's not that old, but not that young either ; he's got wisdom, courage. Yes, he is a very brave horse, who prefers using his brain instead of his muscles, and who is the only one who remains when everything seems lost. He would prefer fighting instead of running away. He's quite calm too, he loses his self-control only when it's about Walking Dead, or Lifebloom. When it's about that, he's not the same. But most of the time, he's a friendly horse, but not that talkative. I think he's just scared about becoming friend with someone, and then losing this person as he lost Lifebloom...

Link's ; Family is dead ; friends are gone or dead, too. Walking Dead is his worst enemy.
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Prussian Blue
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