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 My writings

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PostSubject: My writings   My writings EmptyFri Apr 01, 2011 7:13 pm

I don't use Photoshop or any others software because I'm very bad in this field, but I like writing, and I love english, so, sometimes, I write in english! So, i will post it here, and I begin with an One Shot that I made once during an english test, because I have finished the questions, and I burried myself (my note at this test? 16,5, but we don't care about that xD). It's a fan-made about Bones, and, sure, there are some mistakes, but I hope you will enjoy it despite it.


Two people on a sofa. They're tired, and one of them looks sceptic.

"That was stupid. She killed a man, and risks her life in jail, just because she's in love with... another man? He won't wait for her!" she says.

"Yeah, but he said they are soulmates, and he will waiting for her as long as it takes to her to get out of jail."


"Yeah. Soulmates. And, you know what? Some people say that soulmates never die..." he answered with a little smile.

"It's ridiculous. The concept of immortality is juste because we fear death, but everybody die one day..."

"I agree. It's ridiculous"

He was Seeley Booth, an ex sniper who became a FBI agent. She was Temperance Brennan, aka Bones, a world-known forensic anthropologist who don't believe in fate. He's the heart, she's the brain. They were just solved a murder, made by a woman, in order to save the man she loves.

Booth looks at his partner, with his beautiful brown eyes. He believes in soulmates, but, mostly, he's totally in love with her. And Bones is totally in love with Booth. Everybody knows that love, except the two ones concerned. they were just feeling the electricity and the special feeling between them, but they don't realize yet that this feeling is simply called "Love".

"The more ridiculous, to me, is the fact that soulmates is only a myth, made by Plato, the Greek philosopher. He said that Zeus, the king of gods, originally created human with two faces, four amrs and four legs. But, their power was high, and Zeus scared it. So, he separates human in two, and now we are sentenced to search all around us to complete ourselves" she said, don't knowing that her soulmate was sitting just next to her, if she open herself to search all around her.

"Yeah... Two faces, you said?"

"Yes. And four legs and four arms."

"Wow... that's creepy..." he answered.

Two people on a sofa. They laugh together, watching each other right in the eyes... Two soulmates. They just don't know that they are in love with each other, and it will be taken a longt time before they will be aware of their reciprocal attraction.
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My writings
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