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 ✪ The world is gonna roll me ✪

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✪ The world is gonna roll me ✪  Empty
PostSubject: ✪ The world is gonna roll me ✪    ✪ The world is gonna roll me ✪  EmptyTue Mar 29, 2011 3:38 pm

    There were sand dunes burning around him. A golden sand with orange reflections. It was a place of the Dark Herd. A deadly stretch ? Dust laughed at this idea. Well, it was dangerous to go here alone. Only if you decided to go too far. What a stupid idea ! In his mind, the stallion dreamed of adventures. This desert was the reflect of his failures.
    In reality, Dust was awaken early by his nightmares. Then, he started to walk randomly around the lands. Nightmares. Like night and mares ! He joked. He shaked his mane and trotted in the deadly desert. It was yet the morning, but the sun was already hot. Dust decided to stop on the top of a dune. He looked to the horizon. There were dunes and dunes, again and again. Here and there, there were small thorny bushes. He had never been so far.
    It may be dangerous. But I've nothing to lost.
    Dust was ready to do a stupid thing... but he stopped.

Outlaw: Hey, just remember, when narrating, stay in the same tense (: usually past simple is the best way to go!
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✪ The world is gonna roll me ✪
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