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PostSubject: ✪ DUST ✪ topics & freaks   ✪ DUST ✪ topics & freaks EmptyMon Mar 28, 2011 8:29 pm


topics & freaks

✪ DUST ✪ topics & freaks 110327091923430158✪ DUST ✪ topics & freaks 110327091915301951
Wanna RP ?

Well, Dust is a proud and merciless stallion. He prefers to be alone. He's not bad. He speaks a lot when he wants. But he's suspicious. Especially when it comes to feelings. His heart is hurt. He refuses to love. He had romance with two mares before ; but the two were not really in love, and thinked that he was "strange". In fact, he's not as strange as they thinked. He's just melancholic when he's with the people he loves. Yes, he's an emotional person ! Reckless and brave, he could be protective. Sometimes, he decides to not talk. Or not smile. Or not laugh. In reality, he's hyperactive. But he prefers don't be like that. He takes part of the rebellion because of his frustration - he wants to be like his dad, because he looks like him.
Enjoy it ! (:

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✪ DUST ✪ topics & freaks
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